Cattle For Sale

At Southlex Cattle Company we work to find the kind of cattle that our customers need for any given time of the year:

  • Stocker and feeder calves of primarily English background

    (Southlex Primary Group) – 300-400 weights – 400 and heavier

  • Yearling type cattle to go out on grass

  • Source Verified/ Hormone Free

  • Groups of Cattle

  • Replacement Cattle

  • Stockers/ Feeders

We Find Cattle

The Brand to Know. The Cattle Company to Trust is our motto. Southlex Cattle Company is located in Lexington, Virginia and it is here in the Eastern and south Eastern parts of the U.S. that we find high quality cattle that can be shipped anywhere in the country. To us, the greatest achievement of success is determined by the customers we continue to serve, time and time again. From being on the phone checking market prices to managing cattle, we are all doing what we love, working in the cattle industry.

We Find the Quality Kind of Cattle.
We work diligently to meet the very specific needs of any operation, no matter the size.

We Get the Cattle to the Customer find and sell quality cattle at the right price based upon the strong network we have developed throughout the years with over 20 livestock auctions we communicate with weekly. Through our own network of cattle representatives we have access to large quantities of all types of feeder cattle, allowing Southlex to remain extremely competitive in. We promise our cattle are all two-day delivered, this means we find the cattle and get them moving to your location within two days, therefore helping with the health and acclimation of the cattle. The majority of the cattle sold are predominately English-influence and are backed by quality genetics. We understand what these details means to you, your business and – at the end of the day – your bottom line. Forty-eight weeks out of the year, we work with an established group of preferred truckers and this relationship allows us to make this promise to you.

We Do Custom Backgrounding into the feedyard.

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