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Southlex Cattle Company is The Brand to Know and the Cattle Company to Trust. We work hard to find Quality Feeder Cattle, Deliver them to you in two days and ensure they are the Kind of cattle that will perform and put money in your pocket. Southlex is located in Lexington, Virginia and delivers cattle from the wheat pastures of Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico to the Flint Hills of Kansas and even the beautiful sceneries of the New England area. What ever your cattle needs are, and where ever you need them to go, Southlex CattleĀ  Company is here to help you. Contact Margaret Ann to get you set.

  • We Find the Cattle, the Quality Kind of Cattle

    We work diligently to find and sell quality cattle at the right price. Southlex Cattle Company is located in Lexington, Virginia and it is here in the Eastern and south Eastern parts of the U.S. that we find high quality cattle that can be shipped anywhere in the country, based upon the strong network we have developed throughout the years with over 20 livestock auctions we communicate with weekly.

  • We Get the Cattle to the Customer

    We promise our cattle are all two-day delivered, this means we find the cattle and get them moving to your location within two days, therefore helping with the health and acclimation of the cattle.

  • We Do Custom Backgrounding

    At Southlex, we do custom backgrounding to meet the needs set by your operation.

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